How Many Wheels Does a Garbage Truck Have?

Garbage trucks are the only way to move tons of garbage to the solid waste treatment facility so that it does not spread bad odor around. Speaking of garbage trucks, it must click on your mind that how many wheels does a garbage truck have?

how many wheels does a garbage truck have

Well, surely not only four wheels like other typical trucks. Of course, more than that! In fact, a lot more than just four wheels. Generally, 10 to 12 wheels are seen in a garbage truck. Nonetheless, there are different types of garbage trucks available around the world. Hence, the number depends on the truck style as well.

However, most developed and developing countries, they use larger trucks for garbage management. Thus, to enlighten you more regarding this topic bear with us till the end.

Things You Need to Know about Garbage Truck

We have already mentioned that there are different types of garbage trucks available around the world. Moreover, over several years, the features also have evolved a lot. However, in the USA there are mainly four types of garbage trucks are seen.

1. Front Loaders

Front loader garbage trucks are convenient for taking up garbage from industrial and commercial areas. The size of these trucks helps them to carry on a large amount of garbage. Also, thanks to their containers.

Their containers are known as dumpsters and they are highly spacious. The space can hold any type of waste materials including slime, sludge, or any solid wastes come from the factories. It is designed in a way that it can accommodate any type of garbage.

However, speaking of the wheels, these trucks are also featured with 8 to 10 wheels. Moreover, the trucks are also designed hydraulically that is controlled by steel forks.

Also, there is an operator lift that picks up all dumps and waste materials into the container. The container can give space of around 40 cubic yards of trashes.

2. Rear Loaders

Rear loaders are one of the most versatile garbage trucks. They can handle both residential and commercial garbage. In one very go, the rear loader can collect a massive portion of the garbage. These trucks are found to collect bin bags of garbage from the front door of the houses.

Moreover, with the substantial rear opening feature, the garbage truck can also dump the garbage easily. Again, rear loaders also have several variants that can accommodate trash of different amounts.

Also, the truck has a wider range of weight capacity of 6-35 cubic yards. However, rear loaders also have almost the same amount of wheels in them as the front loaders.

3. Side Loaders

Side loaders are another beast that can manage residential garbage like a pro. Dealing with the household waste is not everyone’s cup of tea. Side loaders can load the garbage material from the side.

They also have two variants. One is featured with robotic arms that can automatically collect garbage. So, collecting garbage is easy with it. The truck can cover almost 1500 homes and can accommodate around 28 cubic yards of waste while having 10 to 12 wheels.

4. Roll Off Truck

Last but not the least, roll off trucks are arguably the most popular garbage vehicle. It can actually take up large-scale commercial garbage. You will find these trucks mostly on construction and demolition sites.

Having the giant roll off containers they can load their container almost effortlessly. Moreover, the trucks have a sturdy construction with 10 to 12 wheels. They also have many variants and the wheel number also varies according to the variants.

What Are the Differences between Regular Tire and Garbage Truck Tires?

There are huge differences between a regular truck tire and a garbage truck tire. Even though both types of tires serve the exact purpose, there are certain factors that differentiate them from each other.

  • Weight Capacity

According to weight capacity, regular tires are different from garbage truck tires. Regular tire only has to carry the weight of their vehicle frame. It can also carry some extra weight for carrying the passengers and other staff.

On the other hand, garbage truck tires have to be heavy-duty since they have to carry tons of waste. The trucks have larger containers and after loading garbage, the space becomes equipped with waste. Hence, the tires have to be strong so that they can carry heavy weight.

  • Retreading Tires

This factor also makes a clear difference between the regular tire and the garbage truck tire. Garbage truck tires are meant to be retreaded about five to six times when they get leaked, whereas very few regular tires come with such advantages.

That is why garbage truck tires are also very cost-efficient. Regular tires are not that cost-efficient. In fact, you may have to change the entire tire when it gets leaked or punctured which is surely costly.

  • Durability

According to durability, garbage truck tires are also one step ahead of regular tires. And it is a very obvious thing. The built-in tires of garbage trucks are extraordinarily durable. They can serve you a lifetime.

Moreover, their tires are less prone to puncture whereas regular tires tend to puncture after every few months. Also, regular tires are less durable compared to garbage truck tires.

  • Wheel Number

The number of wheels also varies in a garbage truck compared to other regular vehicles. The wheel number is more in a garbage truck. It is simply because more wheels make it easy for the truck to move in dumping areas.

Unlike the regular vehicles, the garbage trucks with more wheels can drive easily in the rainy season as well.

How Many Wheels Does a Garbage Truck Have?

Well, we have already mentioned that garbage truck tires are heavy-duty. They are supposed to hold heavy loads of waste and garbage. Hence, a garbage truck is generally constructed with 10 to 12 wheels.

However, the number also depends on the size of the truck and the technology it is featured with. Nonetheless, in most cases, the trucks have to take heavy loads and that is why it is important to equip the truck with more wheels.

Now, according to the size, most garbage trucks are large or semi-large. A semi garbage truck has around 8 to 10 wheels whereas the larger ones come with 10 to 12 tires. All the tires are exceptionally made, unlike normal or regular ones.

Moreover, the tires are made by adopting the best and most advanced technology possible. Hence, they can run on almost any rough road. Also, the tires are highly resistant to tear and wear. Thus, you can predict durability.

Nonetheless, these tires can cost up to 600 US dollars. So, even though the tires are costly, they are also highly durable at the same time.

Do Garbage Trucks Have 2 Steering Wheels?

The design may seem to you a bit strange, but yes, almost all garbage trucks have two steering wheels. This feature serves some important reasons and that is why the trucks are designed that way.

The steering wheels help the driver to have control over the vehicle in tight spaces while dealing with the garbage. Nonetheless, one steering wheel is featured at the vehicle’s back. This wheel controls the hydraulic lift of the truck and makes a smooth lifting and dumping of garbage in the container.

Moreover, another steering wheel ensures the proper collection of the garbage in the container. However, both wheels are considered backups for each other. The wheels are important in case the garbage truck is overloaded.

So, the steering wheels make it safe for the vehicle to carry. Thus, these are multipurpose wheels with numerous advantages.

What Are the Extra Wheels on a Garbage Truck For?

Yes, you may see extra wheels on a garbage truck. But that too is there for a reason. The wheels are there for balancing the truck. Because when the truck is loaded with garbage, it becomes heavy and the extra wheels with their own weight make the balance by distributing the overall weight.

The weight is distributed over a larger pavement amount. If the tires were not there, the drivers may have to be introduced to flat tires more often. Moreover, there are also chances that the overload will create potholes. Hence, the extra wheels are the ultimate saviors.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know how many wheels a garbage truck has, you can also predict why so many wheels are necessary. Since garbage trucks are cumbersome, they have to come with some maneuverable features.

In such cases, wheels are a great help. Moreover, steering wheels are also an additional feature that offers great efficiency in balancing the vehicle.

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