How to Disable Distance Alert on Volvo Truck?

Have you ever felt disturbed by the distance alert on your Volvo truck? Sometimes, an over-conscious system of your vehicle can be annoying, just like the Volvo truck distance alert. But when you want to turn off the system, you might not know how to do it. That’s why you might be thinking about how to disable distance alert on Volvo truck?

how to disable distance alert on Volvo truck

You can deactivate the distance alert by pressing the button on the center display. You will find the function view and see the gray indicator light is turned on when the distance alert is disabled. Otherwise, you can use the driver’s assistance menu of the Volvo truck to find the disable option.

However, if you are new to driving the Volvo truck, you will not understand this easily. Disabling the distance alert is not rocket science, but you should know the exact process especially when it comes to performing a function in vehicles. So, let’s see details about the distance alert and its disabling system in the Volvo truck.

What Is Distance Alert in Volvo Truck?

Distance alert is an excellent feature in Volvo trucks. Generally, this feature is installed in vehicles for safety. With the distance alert, the truck provides a signal if another vehicle is close ahead of the truck. This signal gives an alert to the driver so that he can maintain a safer distance from another vehicle.

When you start the truck engine, the distance alert system is automatically turned on. Moreover, whenever a vehicle is close ahead of the truck, the alert will provide an audible signal. Sometimes, this feature can also be disturbing.

For example, sometimes you are conscious on your own, and you don’t want to be disturbed by the audible signal of a distance alert. This can break the concentration of the driver also. Without this disturbance, the distance alert is good for safety on the road. Even the truck’s brake is automatically pushed when another vehicle is too close ahead. So, distance alert is mostly helpful for drivers.

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How to Disable Distance Alert on Volvo Truck?

Distance alert is an essential part of the Volvo truck. This feature identifies objects in front of the truck and provides a signal. But all people don’t like this feature and want to disable the alert. Let’s see how you can disable the distance alert on your Volvo truck.

First, you need to press the button on the center display of the Volvo truck. On the center display, select the button Manual. Then press the Automatic button from the Steering Assistance menu.

Moreover, you can press and hold the button for a couple of seconds. You will find the button on the head-up display. This will also turn off the distance alert system. If you are facing trouble with disabling the alert, you have to reset the system. You can also reset the system of distance alert on your Volvo truck and then turn off the alert.

Deactivating the distance alert is pretty simple. But sometimes, people think that the system can’t be disabled. But if you can find the right button and press it according to the instructions, the alert will be disabled.

Learn about The Distance Alert in Volvo Truck:

How Do I Reset My Volvo Truck Distance Alert?

Sometimes, the distance alert may have errors and can provide a false signal. This can be unsafe and disturbing for your driving. So, if you have a Volvo truck, you should know the basics of resetting the distance alert. Let’s see how you can reset your distance alert.

Resetting the Volvo truck distance alert is not that tough. Sometimes, the reset button is already present on the menu. You have to press the button simply to reset the system. Moreover, you can find the button by scrolling down the steering wheel keypad, and you will see the reset button. Then you have to press the reset button.

Otherwise, you can press and hold the button for 10 seconds. This will clear all the error codes and reset the system. Thus you can reset your Volvo truck distance alert. After starting the engine again, the distance alert will be turned on. That’s why if you want to turn off the alert for good, you have to manually disable the system after starting the engine instead of resetting it.

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Tips to Follow when Disabling Volvo Truck Distance Alert

Now that you know about disabling the distance alert of your Volvo truck, it has become so easy. But you must be careful while disabling the alert because this system is for your own safety. Here are some tips you can follow when disabling the Volvo truck distance alerts.

  • Consider the Road

While turning off the distance alert, you should consider the road you are driving on. Because on a busy highway, the distance alert is for your good. You can disable the distance alert if you are going on a narrow road or at a construction site. You can manage to keep a safe distance on your own. Moreover, you should not disable the distance alert while driving on the highway at night.

  • Finding the Right Button

Sometimes, people don’t find the appropriate button to disable the distance alert. You will find the keypad on the center display. If you don’t see the button at first, you should scroll down the menu to find the “Disable” button.

  • Test Drive

If you are new to driving the Volvo truck with a distance alert, you should practice activating and deactivating buttons. You should learn to do it when you test drive. Otherwise, it can be confusing when you are driving the truck on the highway.

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Final Thoughts

Volvo truck has unique technology for driving assistance. In this system, the distance alert is installed to reduce accidents. Though this technology helps drivers keep a minimum distance from other vehicles, it can also be annoying.

If you don’t like the feature, you have to disable the system. You can turn off the distance alert by pressing the button. But this will automatically turn on when you start the engine again. In this case, you have to reset the distance alert setting. Thus you can get rid of the distance alert.

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