How to Load a Snowblower into a Truck?

Snowblower shows great efficiency in cleaning sidewalks and paths during the snow. But because of their cumbersome structure, people often wonder thinking how to load a snowblower into a truck.

Nonetheless, it is a matter of concern since you often might have to transport the snowblower anywhere anytime. In this case, transporting it through a truck is the easiest possible way. However, for loading the snowblower you can use a forklift to lift the machine. Also, many people use a hydraulic arm for this purpose.

how to load a snowblower into a truck

Whatever method you are applying, you have to make sure that there is nothing that will get in your way. To have an entire guideline regarding the topic, bear with us till the end!

Basics of a Snowblower

This is the first rule. You must know the basics of a snowblower if you own one. It will make the process of loading a snowblower into a truck easier. Needless to say, a snowblower is a great alternative to shoveling and more importantly, labor-saving.

Basically, a snowblower is designed with a frame including controls, engines, a chute, and also a container to collect snow.

However, there are mainly three types of snowblowers available in the market. They are one-stage, two-stage, and three-stage snowblowers. Among them, the three-stage snow blowers are used only when the snow level is high in volume.

Other than that, most people prefer one-stage or two-stage snowblowers. They are convenient yet both types can vary in width and features. Moreover, there are two types of built-in models available for snowblowers. One is electric and the other is gas-powered.

For driveways that are less than 60 feet long, you can use a single-stage snowblower. For a longer driveway, it is better to use a two or three-stage one. Again, there are corded and cordless snowblowers.

Surely, the cordless one is more convenient for transporting. Generally, gas snowblowers do not feature a power cord to function. They also have excellent clearing widths and better intake heights.

Moreover, small snowblowers come with an attached push-cart whereas the larger ones have tracks for moving.

Can You Lift a Snowblower?

To know the answer, you have to acknowledge the weight of your snowblower. To speak the fact, most snowblowers come in a larger shape and heavy weight especially when you want to lift them up.

Well, a single-stage snowblower generally weighs 100 pounds. The weight can vary depending on the models and their designs.

Nonetheless, the two-stage and three-stage snowblowers weigh more than the single-stage ones. Their weights can range from 200 to 350 or 400 pounds depending on the features.

Therefore, you can predict that lifting a snowblower can be tough if you want to do this alone. You might need at least one stronger person or two persons to help you with the lifting of the snowblower.

How to Load a Snowblower into a Truck?

Loading a snowblower into a truck is easy when you apply the tricks properly. Hence, to make things easier for you, let us describe the process step by step.

Required Tools

  • Obviously, a truck
  • Ratchet straps
  • Ramp sets

Step – 1: Measure the Width

It is the first thing to do to load your snowblower into a truck. Take a tape and measure the width of wheel to the wheel of your snowblower. This will help you to predict if it will fit in the truck or not.

Step – 2: Drop the Tailgate

Place the truck in a safe location and then drop its tailgate. Most pickup truck comes with a convenient tailgate for easy carrying of stuff.

Step – 3: Get the Ramps

Now, while the tailgate of the truck is open, get the set of ramps and place it. According to the measurements, place the ramps properly.

Step – 4: Get the Snowblower

Get your snowblower and maneuver it behind the set of ramps. Make sure that your snowblower is not turned on.

Step – 5: Push the Snowblower Up

Now, it is time to push the machine along with the ramps up to the truck bed. In this step, you have to be very careful and tricky at the same time. While pushing up the mower, make sure that the wheels of the machine are on the right track of ramps.

Moreover, try not to hurt the rear window of the pickup truck while doing the job. Otherwise, the snowblower might hit the truck window and crack it consequently.

When you are done maneuvering the snowblower inside the truck bed securely, lock the tailgate of the truck back.

Step – 6: Secure the Snowblower

After pushing the snowblower inside the truck bed, you need to secure its placement. Otherwise, in the journey, you might not find your machine in good shape since the roads often have bumps and cracks. So, take the ratchet straps and get done with the job.

See how to load and unload a snowblower:

How to Move a Snowblower in the Truck?

Moving a snowblower in the truck becomes easy when you use a forklift along with the ramps. Since truck beds are tough to tilt, a forklift can move the machine inside the truck. Raise the blower with the help of the forklift by lowering its end and then place it where you want to keep it.

How Do I Secure My Snowblower in My Truck?

Securing the blower in the truck after loading it is the most important task that we have already mentioned. Now, let’s know how you will do it.

For this take the help of ratchet straps. Since the motor of the snowblower weighs most of the total weight, you need to secure it first. Hence, strap the motor first to have control over the bulk.

Moreover, to stop the blower from tripping around the corners, strap down its handles as well. Nonetheless, pickup trucks mostly come with open rings on their bedsides.

You can use them for strapping down the snowblower properly. However, not all pickup trucks have open ring features. Nonetheless, in such cases, take the straps through the truck’s undercarriage and wheel wells.

Moreover, you can also use the side rails of the bed that most trucks have to strap down. So, you can see that adopting some common sense, you can strap down the blower inside the truck and secure it.

Tips to Follow when Loading a Snowblower in a Truck

Here are some tips for you to follow while loading a snowblower in a truck to make things easier.

  • Do not load the snowblower from the garage or grass field. It is better to drive the truck first in the driveway and then carry the snowblower to load into the truck directly. It will allow you to have an uninterrupted pushing surface.
  • While obtaining the job, make sure that the machine never gets turned on.
  • Since the process requires enormous leverage, you better take the help of another one or two persons.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to load a snowblower into a truck, you should not worry anymore! Just keep up with the process slowly and carefully until you get done with it.

Moreover, any heavy-duty machine requires extra carefulness while loading into a truck. Hence, the help of a stronger person will make it easy.

So, be it a single-stage or two or three-stage snowblower, follow the same process we have described above to load into a truck.

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