How to Tow a Semi Truck with another Semi Truck?

Towing semi-truck or other vehicles is a very common sight on roads. But have you ever thought deep down about the fact and wondered how to tow a semi truck with another semi truck!

how to tow a semi truck with another semi truck
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Well, using a semi-truck for towing another one is a great idea since breakdown of your vehicle can occur at any time. Therefore, transporting it to the repair place is required. Since semi-trucks are also massive vehicles, when they break down on the roadside, towing them becomes a big issue.

Nonetheless, you can experience such a situation near future if you own a semi-truck. Hence, getting information regarding the fact is important. So, to enlighten you more, keep up with us till the end.

Is It Easy to Tow a Semi Truck with Another Semi Truck?

Well, it is possible to tow a semi truck with another one but not an easy task until you know the method. Only towing experts can perform this task with ease and expertise.

Still, this is a difficult task, and also time-consuming. Moreover, you also have to have some knowledge about the towing equipment. It is important to ensure safe towing as well.

Then again, unlike other vehicles, towing a semi truck with another one is quite different. Nonetheless, semi-trucks come with different models and weights.

Not all semi-trucks are of the same weight. Hence, the semi truck that you are going to use to tow has to weigh more than the other. Moreover, it also has to be heavy-duty. Otherwise, towing would be way tougher.

Generally, integrated tow trucks are used to tow semi trucks since they are massive. These tow trucks are more durable and built to be stronger. Moreover, they are also equipped with wheel lifts along with booms.

Thus, certainly, a semi-truck can never beat an integrated tow truck. So, it is not easy to tow a semi-truck using another. Rather the process is slow and also, needs to be taken carefully.

What Equipment Do You Need to Tow a Semi Truck?

As we already mentioned, towing a semi-truck requires a special kind of towing vehicle and other equipment. However, a towing semi-truck can also be used. But in that case, the equipment requirements are also exceptional.

Moreover, the process also requires heavy-duty equipment. However, the first piece of equipment is a heavy-duty towing semi truck or you can also go for an integrated towing vehicle.

Secondly, you will need a winch. This tool also has to be heavy-duty since it will help pull the giant vehicle. Moreover, to keep the semi-truck in position, you will need a winch.

Again, you will also need some other equipment like tow straps, towing chains, and wheel chocks. Tow straps and towing chains are necessary for securing your vehicle to the towing truck throughout the entire drive.

These two parts also do not allow the vehicle to dislodge while being towed. Furthermore, wheel chocks are also necessary since they serve an important purpose. They help secure the vehicle in place. Last but not least, you will need a wrecker unit. You should also keep the weigh of the truck in mind.

How to Tow a Semi Truck with another Semi Truck?

Since it is already revealed that you can tow a semi truck with another semi truck, let’s get to the process step-by-step.

Step – 1: Call for a Capable Semi Truck

This is the first thing to do. If you want to tow your semi truck with another semi truck then make sure, it is capable and heavy-duty enough.

Moreover, to transfer a semi-truck to a towing semi truck, get a fifth-wheel wrecker unit. This tool can transform a semi-truck into the tow truck. You can buy this equipment online. These converters can turn any vehicle into a convenient towing vehicle.

Step – 2: Secure the Broken Semi Truck

Now, you need to secure the broken semi-truck. Hence, use the wheel chocks to place the broken vehicle. Just place the chocks behind the vehicle wheels.

However, towing chains along with the straps are also used for securing the broken vehicle. They provide a better safety barrier.

Step – 3: Connect the Hook

Here to tow a semi truck with another, the vehicles need to be kept facing the opposite from each other. Thus, to hook up the vehicles with each other find the hook from the fifth wheel wrecker unit and connect it to the kingpin of the broken semi truck.

Step – 4: Drive the Vehicle

When you are done securing and hooking the broken semi truck with the towing semi truck, it is time to drive the vehicle to its repairing destination. Now, at this point, you have to keep some points in your head.

  • While driving in such a situation, it is important to drive slowly and very carefully.
  • Do not ever rush on the road while driving since towing semi-truck is carrying the massive weight of another semi-truck. Otherwise, any accident can take place.
  • However, you can keep the vehicle neutral since it can prevent the wheels of the semi-truck from locking.
  • Also, make sure you have disconnected the driveshaft or the axle of the broken truck to prevent several damages. It is not enough to keep the transmission neutral only.
  • Moreover, while towing, make sure that the semi-truck is not in gear. Or else it will create much damage to the truck. Again, this feature does not allow the vehicle to free-wheeling. As a result, the wheels will be generated according to the gear of the truck.

When you are done driving to the destination, it is time to secure the semi-truck again by placing the wheel chocks down. Once, it is secured, disconnect the broken vehicle from the towing vehicle.

Should You Hire an Expert for Towing Your Semi Truck Using Another Semi Truck?

Well, we have already mentioned that towing a semi truck is not an easy task. In fact, the process is quite difficult and not only one person’s cup of tea.

Moreover, it requires skill and knowledge of adopting the right method. Again, since a semi truck comes with a giant figure, anything can easily go wrong if not done carefully. Consequently, you may end up causing way more expensive repairs to your semi truck.

Therefore, it has always been suggested to hire an expert to tow a semi-truck. Moreover, there are several shipping companies that exist for towing vehicles from one place to another.

However, you have to go for the most reputed yet affordable company that will offer you some experts with top-notch and consistent services. Considering the cost, towing a heavy-duty semi truck with another semi truck might cost you between 170 to 220 US dollars.

Since not everyone is capable of dealing with the required equipment for towing a semi-truck, going for expert help is not a crime. Moreover, you also do not have to buy other towing equipment since the experts will come to serve you with these things.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the process to tow a semi truck with another semi truck, you should still ask for the help of professionals.

Nonetheless, it is true that semi-truck towing especially with another is way more expensive compared to any other vehicle. And it is simply because the vehicle is gigantic and it requires a lot of time for the towing process and then driving to the destination.

Thus, even though the service cost is quite expensive, still it is worth it. So, take decisions wisely when you are in the situation of towing your semi truck.

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