Will a 42 Riding Mower Fit in My Truck?

If you are thinking of replace or move your 42 riding mower by truck then you must be wondering will a 42 riding mower fit in my truck! Read the article below to know.

Yes. A 42 riding mower fits easily in a truck. It is generally around 6.5 feet long. So, a 42-riding mower will fit in the truck of long beds and can be carried effortlessly.

wii a 42 riding mower fit in my truck

Before you place your mowing machine on the back of the truck, ensure its capability. Make sure that it has enough room to secure the machine to the truck. If it does not, look for a different vehicle to move it safely.

Will a 42 Riding Mower Fit in My Truck?

A 42 riding mower will fit in your truck if its bed is long enough and has enough space after putting the machine on its back.

A mower is a machine used for cutting grasses or plants that grow in lawns or fields. The riding mower lets the operator sit on it and cut plants. It is different from the other mowers which are towed or pushed in order to cut plants. It is harder to move due to its much weight.

Such mowers look similar to small trucks and are suitable for lawns, municipal parks, and golf courses. It is a very speedy machine that lets a mower finish his work within a very short time. So, it is very popular among gardeners.

Due to its application in many places, people are seen using it often. Therefore, it needs to be moved from one place to another sometimes. Trucks are the most common vehicles used for this work. Because 42 riding mowers are no more than 6 feet 7-8 inches long, which is suitable for the common trucks.

If the truck has too short bed to carry a mower machine, it is prudent to avoid the truck and choose another one.

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Will a 42 Riding Mower Fit in a Pickup Truck?

A 42 mower truck can fit in a pickup truck.

Riding mowers or lawn tractors are turf-friendly and have hardworking engines. They are very efficient mowing machines having 17.5 HP in gross. Sitting on it is comfortable and easier to operate. But such machine does not have too big amount of volume despite being larger than the other types of mowers.

While moving a riding mower by a pickup truck, it is very important to ensure that it fits in the vehicle well. The process should be safe, snappy, and efficient without damaging the machine.

To ensure that, one should follow these steps –

  • If you do not have a flat surface, incline the pickup truck to decline the loading angle and place the riding mower on its back safely.

While doing so, make sure the truck is in the right parking position and parking brakes are applied. You can use various kinds of ramps like – arched, straight, or wooden depending on your preferences.

  • Unfold the ramp. Make sure that safety straps are used. If you do not use them with ramps, there arises a possibility of the load getting slipped.
  • To avoid a wheelie and make sure that the center of gravity of the truck is lowered, place the mower in a reverse position. But keep one thing in mind that you can do it only if you are sure enough about your driving skill.
  • While loading, do not stop mid-way, and always try to engage low gear. This will give you the momentum you need to clear the ramp. As a result, the loading process will be easier and more comfortable.
  • Lastly, as soon as you have put the mower on the back of the truck, put the parking brakes. Then secure the mower using the straps.
    For this, ratchet straps are undoubtedly the best ones. It secures an object regardless of the speed of the vehicle.

Another type of strap is the bungee strap. But this strap is not capable of tying a cumbersome thing like a riding mower. Moreover, after using it for just a few days, it starts to stretch, so it is not recommended for use while tying a mower. Chains can be an alternative in this regard.

  • Remember to keep the ramps in the truck. You will need it for offloading the mower when you reach the destination.

A riding mower is usually costly and so you will not like it to get damaged or fall off the vehicle. So, it is crucial to tying down the mower using straps. Following the steps written above, you can safely put your mower in a truck.

Learn the Right Way How to Load a Riding Mower on a Truck:

How Wide Is a 42 Inches Riding Lawn Mower?

An average riding lawn mower is 42 inches wide but it may vary in a range between 30 inches to 90 inches.

Specifically, its cutting width is 42 inches as well as its deck size. Its front wheel and the rear wheel have a width of 15 inches and 20 inches respectively.

The width of the riding lawn mower is designed depending on the size of the yard it can mow.

Riding mowers used for a yard or lawn of 1 to 2 acres are usually 36 to 42 inches wide. A 42 to 54 inches wide mower can mow land of 3 to 4 acres. Riding mowers can be 6 feet long and 4 feet tall.

Therefore, while choosing the size of the mower, you should consider the size of your lawn or yard. For lawn tractors, the conditions remain the same.

How Wide Is a 42 Mower Deck?

The width of a 42 mower deck is 42 inches.The deck width refers to the exact width of grass cut from the blades of two opposite sides of the mower. It can be measured with or without the discharge chute.

The size of the deck of a mower is measured by placing the measuring tape in the center of the tire and hanging it on the other side of it. To measure a round tire, find the comparatively largest area and stretch the tape over this area. The size of the deck is thus measured.

If you have elements kept in your yard or narrow ways to go through, consider the width of the mower if it will fit there. You can get an idea from the size of the deck of the mower though that will not be precise. In that case, you need to add the width of the discharge chute with it.

To have a beautiful look after mowing, do it with a mower of the smallest possible deck size. They cut well than the longer ones even though engine power and deck size are proportional to each other.

Is a Truck a Right Option for Moving a 42 Riding Mower?

Yes, a truck is a very good option for moving a 42 riding mower.

When it comes to moving a riding mower, the conveyance generally comes to our mind is a truck. Trucks are commonly used for such operations. A typical truck is long enough to carry a riding mower which is not longer than 7 feet. Further, its weight is not too high that a truck could not carry it.

You can use ramps of different types to put the mower on the back of the truck and straps for tying it down with the surface of the truck to secure it from any damage while moving.

Cover the mower with non-conductive materials. You can use a plastic sheet, rubber, or electrical tape for covering. Do not forget to hire professional drivers unless you are skilled in driving. The truck’s fitness should be checked before starting the journey.

How to Prepare a Riding Mower before Loading It in a Truck?

Steps to be followed to prepare a riding mower before loading it in a truck are given below –

  • Before starting the movement, drain all liquids from the mower. You can siphon gas from the tank without removing it. Gas or oil are unsafe materials for health. So, they should be recycled properly. When it is empty, leave that uncapped in a well-ventilated place for the gas getting evaporated.
  • Disconnect and secure the spark plug.
  • Only if you feel it necessary, remove the blades.
  • Thoroughly clean the mower before moving it. You may need a scraper, a steel brush, or a power washer.
  • When you are done with these, pack all the parts and load them and the mower in the truck. Hope you will find this easier than the previous steps.

Good preparation is a must for safe work indeed!

How to Load a 42 Riding Mower in My Truck Bed?

Load a 42 riding mower in your truck bed by following these steps –

  • Turn off the truck motor and keep it in the park position.
  • Lower the tailgate and secure the loading ramp to it following the instructions given by the manufacturer.
  • Drive the lawn mower and go up to the ramp.
  • Shift the mower into low gear and drive slowly so that it might not kill its engine.
  • Turn off the engine and remove its key. Set it in a parking position.
  • Secure the mower with ratchet straps.
  • Close the tailgate and keep the straps in the truck. You are going to need it while offloading.

These steps will ensure a perfect loading of your mower in a truck.

Final Thoughts

A 42 riding mower is commonly used for mowing. Sometimes you may need to move it. You can do it using a truck or pickup truck, but a safe journey requires good preparation.

You need to load it following some effective steps that we have discussed in this guide. It will make your movement easy, safe, and damage-free.

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